The deadline for project submissions has now closed, and this year’s projects will be announced in mid-May.

This year each project can have a maximum of two project leads, who will design and submit the project. At least one project lead and another project member (co-lead where possible) should attend the event in person.

General guidelines and instructions

The Oxford Abstracts submission form is descriptive and will guide your answers, but you will need to address three main areas:

  1. Scope and vision of your project
  2. Alignment with the newly commenced ELIXIR 2024-26 Programme and beyond
  3. Feasibility of your proposal

BioHackathon is about collaboration, building practical solutions, learning, working and having fun, together. It is a place for new ideas to kick off and for others to build on what has been done before. We are particularly keen to invite new participants as well as welcoming returning contributors.

Therefore, we encourage new Project Leads to participate and welcome collaborations with industry or other partners.

After the deadline, our BioHackathon Programme Committee will review your submissions. We aim to inform all co-leads on the status of their project submission in May 2024. In the case of similar submissions, we might propose your project to be merged with another.

For any enquiries please contact

Previous projects

If you would like to browse projects from previous BioHackathons, go to the About page. This contains links to the past BioHackathons websites, and to the GitHub repositories of each BioHackathon. The GitHub repositories contain descriptions of all the projects in that year.