Hacking projects 2024

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No. Title
1 Accelerate your bioinformatics workflows with CGG AI Cloud
2 A curated assessment of metadata descriptors of AI-ready datasets
3 Reusable RDM Planning Environments for Trainings and Workshops
4 SPARQL Query Generation for Efficient Scientific Data Access of ELIXIR resources
5 Mapping of research software quality indicators across the ELIXIR Research Software Ecosystem
6 Gender representation in ELIXIR-supported publications: a visibility analysis across academic search engines
7 Enhancing the Training metrics database (TMD) for improved reporting
8 Data Model Converter: Bridging Cohort Information Across Biomedical Data Models
9 BioHackrXiv: improving biohackathon publications
10 BioSchemas for mortals
11 Galaxy CoDex - Ensuring Galaxy community sustainability through resource aggregation and annotation
12 Perturb -Bench: large-scale benchmarking of perturbational modelling tools in complex single-cell data
13 Interconnecting into a broader metadata connectivity
14 FAIRly easy APIs for research data in (Bio) and RDF
15 Enhancing interoperability of biomedical resources using ontologies
16 Enhancing by Semantic Literature Mining
17 Development of FAIR image analysis workflows and training in Galaxy
18 Expanding FAIR database integration through elucidation and transformation of underlying graph schemas
19 Creating user benefit from ARC-ISA RO-Crate machine-actionability
20 Structuring Clinical Reports into OMOP Common Data Model (CDM)
21 Enhancing multi-omic analyses through a federated microbiome analysis service
22 Enabling Secure Data Access from Galaxy to (F)EGA
23 MARS: Multi-omics Adapter for Repository Submissions, preparing for launch
24 Increasing FAIRness of digital agrosystem resources by extending Bioschemas
25 Recognising research software contributions leveraging the ELIXIR infrastructure
26 Reducing the environmental impact of Galaxy
27 Integrating Bioconductor packages with the ELIXIR Research Software Ecosystem using EDAM
28 Semantic Interoperability of Biomedical Data
29 ELIXIR FAIR Lesson Plan Handbook: advancing researchers’ & data stewards’ FAIR skills
30 The BioHackathon Cloud
31 Executable metadata mappings to FAIRify Biodiversity Genome Annotations
32 VCF Explorer: Empowering Genomic Data Interaction

Previous projects

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