Each November, ELIXIR Europe organises BioHackathon Europe, which brings together bioinformaticians from around the world. The event takes place in different locations around Europe.

The BioHackathon offers an intense week of hacking, with over 160 international participants who work on diverse and exciting projects. The week starts with a half-day symposium to introduce these projects, and is followed by five days of hacking with one sole aim: coding to address challenges in bioinformatics.

The first BioHackathon Europe took place in Paris in 2018. It was based on the BioHackathons that The National Bioscience Database Center (NBDC) and Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS) have organised in Japan since 2008 (see their BioHackathon website).

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Previous BioHackathons

You can look at previous hackathons to get the idea of the type of projects done. The projects GitHub repositories contain detailed descriptions of each project. You can also access the description of a project from the Projects page of that year’s website.


If you have any queries about BioHackathon Europe, please contact biohackathon-europe@elixir-europe.org.