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BioHackrXiv is a preprint server powered by OSF and sponsored by the Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS) in Japan. It was created with the aim of reporting on the work done during BioHackathons, CodeFests, Sprints or similar events related to the Life Sciences and Health Care. It currently supports selected events such as the NBDC/DBCLS BioHackathon, BioHackathon Europe and SWAT4(HC)LS hackathon.

BioHackrXiv is a great way to communicate and share results from BioHackathon projects, even if it is still an ongoing project or at early stages. It has been indexed by EuropePMC since 2021, so you can be sure it will reach a wide audience.

We encourage participant projects to commit to this initiative and submit a publication to BioHackrXiv in the months following the BioHackathon. To make it easier for participants, we commonly host a write-a-thon session at the end of the BioHackathon. Submission guidelines are also available as well as contact channels (e.g.

Help us spread the good work done at the BioHackathon Europe with a submission to BioHackrXiv!