Hacking projects

Call for Project Proposals

We ask the project leads to submit a proposal through EasyChair. The proposals will include the following:

  • A project description, no longer than 200 words
  • Which ELIXIR Platforms/Communities the project aligns to
  • Who the leads are, including one person who is nominated as primary lead and main point of contact for communications
  • If you planning to attend in person, if the project be run virtually. If all project leads cannot attend in person, the person they nominate to help facilitate a hybrid project at the venue
  • Expected outcomes
  • Number of people/Nodes that will be expected to participate
  • Any people (two maximum) from Europe you would like to invite who are critical to the success of the project (name /institute/email)
  • Expected outcome and timeframe
  • The repository where the code will reside
  • How your project would advance if not selected
  • How you will advance after the BioHackathon
  • If you are planning to attend in person, and if your project could be run virtually

We expect the projects to be submitted to BioHackrXiv within six months after end of the BioHackathon, wherever possible.

The deadline for proposals is 1 April 2021.

Submit a proposal

Selected hacking topics will be published here once reviewed by the BioHackathon Organising Committee. We are expecting topics to align well with the current interest of life science communities at large. These may include standardised workflows, containerisation, schemas and identifiers, ontology tooling, metadata validation, and training. We encourage submissions of hacking topics from the public and private sector.

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